Top 10 Best Ever Ball Games

As I was writing a research about the top 10 best games, I was thinking that I may not be 100% fair with the other sports unless I will make a thorough research about a single sport all over the world, but of course that would mean as well that I have to travel, visit their country and observe their playing for my research, so to make things a little simple and easy, I decide to come up with a specific equipment, a ball.

Naming the top ball games needs a lot of thinking as well. It is so sure that we can name each sport that played with a ball, but certain factors need to consider so the ranking will be realistic.

images (1)10. Volleyball

Well famous as an Olympic Sport, volleyball has fascinated the thinking of a lot of nations across the globe. Throughout the time, the game has continuously improved their techniques to aid in enhancing the skills of the players and the game as well. Its fame created various distinction of the game like Olympic twist-off that is played near the water named as beach volleyball.

cricket29. Cricket

More dangerous and a bit more solid than baseball, the cricket ball is created from the core of cork, coated with firm damage string and enclosed by a leather case. People would definitely disagree that this game should not be on this record, but just because it’s not that popular in North America it doesn’t mean that it will not become popular. The game is played around the world, mostly in Australia, Asian countries, some other countries in the Caribbean and in Europe.

ping pong8. Ping Pong

Apart from being played in the popular Olympic sport, the ping pong ball had been used in different ways. Certain individual use this game as a replacement for the golf game in some college students in North America.

golf7. Golf

It may be tiny golf ball but it changes the thinking of people throughout the years regarding this piece. It started in 17th century as a wooden ball and now this ball is made of hybrid materials and titanium compounds. The progress in its materials has not only created the ball appear stylish and sleeker, but its aids in improving the game of nowadays leading golfers.

football6. Football

This is part of a genuine American sport. The football is composed of leather and became an important page in the state record of sports. Generally identified as the “pigskin”, it has given aspirant athletes imagined college and created over thousands of skilled contestants. The ball has a worldwide side as there are dissimilarity for Rugby and football in Australia.

basketball5. Basketball

Practiced by a lot of expert sports leagues all over the world and even in rural and urban playgrounds, basketball is continuously becoming famous. A lot of nations are beginning to enter in the global competitions and are also making leagues and organizations of their own. Some of the recent countries are Qatar, Venezuela and Senegal.

rubberball4. Rubber Ball

It may seem not popular in any kind of professional sports, but the rubber ball has created its marking in a diverse of various sports. The ball can be fatal in sports like dodge ball and it can either create or break a spare time athlete in kickball. But apart from the popular games it is utilized, the rubber ball became a playground myth of sorts.

tennis ball3. Tennis Ball

Intended for the sport tennis, the ball was made from a felt-rubber wrapped compound of fluorescent yellow and about 2.5 inches in diameter. Aside from tennis, the ball is also used in playing baseball, cricket and road hockey.

baseball_22. Baseball

A North American leisure time sport, the baseball consists of huge fan base, wherein fans are tremendously expressive each single game every period. The ball itself has provided aspiring athletes, players, and kids a sense of anticipation to dream of it to the chief leagues in the future. Soccer Ball

No doubt that soccer is the number one sports of ball. Apart from being utilized in a sport played by 2 names, almost all people from every country discover themselves ceasing the soccer ball. This sport has created global happenings which carry people to be together in one purpose on whatever race they are and whatever the color of the skin they have, and that is to watch the ever popular soccer game.